C2/C2D Personal Perspective Essay Sample 3
Education is the motto of our lives because it shapes our thoughts. We spend most of our lives going to school and to academies to help us with our future to enter a university and to pursue a successful career. As students, we learn a variety of topics from sciences to arts and they can definitely be interesting. However, I believe that students should be allowed to learn any subjects we are interested in for several reasons.



Clear opinion of the topic.



First and foremost, there are too many subjects available, throughout our lives. However, we have limited time in the classrooms, to learn deeply about these subjects. For instance, every week I spend around 20 hours learning math and sciences. I have to go to academies after school followed by an incredible amount of homework. Surely, it does help me to answer the test questions in school and to get a better grade, but I am just not interested in these subjects. I have always loved history and different languages because when I am studying them I feel like I am discovering the world as I look at pictures and different people. Also, I can use the extra time of not studying for math and sciences to watch more documentaries of ancient civilizations and their religions. Every time my family and I travelled to different countries, I liked talking to the people of that country and getting to know them. To illustrate, my favorite country so far is Malaysia because the people there were so friendly as they talked about their country and taught me new words.

Development: Support 1

Detailed reason supported with personal experience.

  • Specific Details
  • Emotions/Feelings
  • Outcome/Lesson
  • Relevance


The second reason why students should learn whatever subject they want to is because it will help teachers and parents to identify our strengths. Once we know what our strengths are, we can gain confidence followed by satisfaction. Last year, I entered speaking competitions for English and Spanish. Although I did not get first place, I felt great about myself because I knew that I would feel accomplished afterwards. I made my parents happy as I was smiling and giving my speeches because they said that I looked comfortable and confident that day in front of all those people. So that day, we discovered my new strength of public speaking and they support me as I always enter new competitions.

Education offers us many choices and opportunities in life but only if students are allowed to pursue what we really want to. So being able to believe in myself and to save time are the most important reasons why I believe that students should study their real interests and passions.

Development: Support 2

Detailed reason supported with personal experience.

  • Specific Details
  • Emotions/Feelings
  • Outcome/Lesson
  • Relevance


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    Avoid words like “good”and “bad” to have a more effective essay.
    Be detailed. Use metaphors, similes and your 5 senses.

  3. “Lets eat grandma!” and “Let’s eat, grandma!” – I’ve seen plenty of grammatical errors concerning the use of commas. Here’s a short video on how to properly use Commas: https://youtu.be/ptM7FzyjtRk

    Don’t forget: commas save lives :) Think of grandma!

  4. Step 1: Brainstorm topic ideas.
    Step 2. Choose a topic idea you like and can easily write about.
    Step 3. Think of supporting details and examples for your topic choice.
    Step 4. Organize your details in an outline. (Main point, reasons, examples, explanation, personal experience)
    Step 5. OK, NOW you are ready to write ^^

  5. Question:
    How many steps are there to writing?

    MORE than just one step!

    Many people write more effectively if they first brainstorm and plan B4 they write.
    YES! This does take some time, however it saves writing time later, after you have thought about WHAT to write and HOW to organize it.


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