V1 Personal Essay Sample 6
In The Lego Movie, a character named Emmett faces great challenges. Emmett is a Lego who lives in a big city, and he had difficulty with stopping the bad guy named President Business. President Business tries to control the world. To stop him, Emmett makes friends with superheroes. Similar to Emmett, I worked together with friends to solve a problem.



Relates to the character, Emmett, from The Lego Movie.

In the Lego City, Emmett struggles at his job and doesn’t have many friends. He has a lot of challenges when one day he discovers President Business’s secret plan. Emmett has to work together with Batman, Superman and many other superheroes to bring down President Business. Although he struggled with things like being captured and stopped, he never gave up. In the end, Emmett makes good friends with the superheroes and is able to beat the evil.

Context: Story

Specific examples from The Lego Movie reveal Emmett’s character.

  • Specific details
  • Feelings
  • Outcome


When I was in school, I was like Emmett. I had moved to a new school in grade 6 and I was bothered by the bullies. However, I discovered I was not the only one. I eventually met other students named Eileen and Louie. They also had been getting bullied at school. We would hang out after school every day and talk about the mean bullies. So, one day, we decided to create a great plan to stop the bullies. During lunch, we went under the table and tied all the shoelaces of the bullies together. When they tried to stand up they all fell over and the other students in the lunchroom were cheering. After this, the bullies did not bother us anymore.

By working with friends to stop bad people, Emmett and I had very similar experiences.

Context: Personal Experience

Description of personal experience is comparable to the story.

  • Specific details
  • Feelings
  • Outcome


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