[ Spring / Autumn Wk1 ] Lesson 1-1. Artificial Intelligence : Key Concepts(C)



How can computers surpass humans?





What happened to the “last job on Earth”? Do you agree with the message of the video? Why or why not?


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  1. This is wonderful! Great job!

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  4. Artificial
    Intelligence AI, Artificial Intelligence, is a
    big debate topic nowadays. Some people think that AI will threaten our future.
    On the other hand, the others think AI is very good for our future. Like this,
    I think AI is beneficial, no threat to our lives and future. Kasparov, who is a worldwidechess
    champion, contends that humans do not need to fear the AI. Kasparov had once played
    chess with AI computer. He won the first time, but he lost the others. He says
    that we have to face our fears and conquer those fears. Also, he arguesthat we
    have to seek hard challenges. Some people who argue against him say that AI
    could take our jobs. However, Kasparov says that we could figure out new jobs
    and is positive about that opinion. Same Harris who disagrees with the
    opinion that says AI is beneficial, ay the opposite of Kasparov. He argues that
    AI could threaten our future. And, he says that AI can dominate thehumans and
    Earth. He says that could be possible, because super AI’s could beat humans and
    outsmart us. He argues that AI will take humans’ jobs because they are much
    smarter than humans, and also faster. From future perspective, I am
    positive about our future with AI. It gives many profits to humans. AI could
    give important information and help us to work well. And also, like in the
    movie, it could help make friends, too. If I have super AI in the future, I
    could use it to live more comfortably. I could make it to do chores and also I
    could chat with the AI. Because AIis fast and precise, it could make me do my
    work quickly. For example, I could do dishes with the help of AI and also I
    could do work by using computer AI. Those AI will help me do other stuff
    easily. And also, I don’t think AI will conquer humans. Even though AI is very
    smart, AI is a machine that humans made. So if AI is trying to dominate humans,
    humans could figure out a way to destroy some threatening AIs. AI could be
    threatening, but it can’t beat humans because humans are their creators. Being
    the creators of the AI, we could improve the threatening parts of AI, if there
    are still concerns about it. Like this, we have many ways to make AIs, helpful
    to our lives. In conclusion, I think AI is
    beneficial to humans’ lives. It is because AI is very helpful to our lives. It
    could help humans develop faster by helping humans’ work.
    If people think they are dangerous and could threaten our future, we could
    improve, and block those parts. Although AI has some negative facts, I think it
    is beneficial to our lives.

  5. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7iMfzaxhkHYRzVFYkx3ZDRZSmM/view?usp=sharing