International Essay Contest for Young People 2017: Results
We are proud to announce that a Chungdahm student has received Honorable Mention in the International Essay Contest for Young People 2017!   The annual International Essay Contest for Young People is a global essay contest hosted by the Goi Peace Foundation, and this year’s program is an activity of the UNESCO Global Action Programme (GAP) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).   Among the 12,937 entrants in 2016, Soewon Lee from Seocho Branch was internationally recognized as Honorable Mention. And in 2017, among 15,441 entries, Youngmin Kate Lee from Bundang Branch received Honorable Mention for her paper, “The Big Clock.” Both students were the only Korean students to receive Honorable Mention at their respectable contests.   The announcement and essays can be viewed on the official Goi Peace website:    Congratulations to Kate for her accomplishment, and thank you to all the students and faculty who contributed to the contest! loudestbrain_banner

7 thoughts on “International Essay Contest for Young People 2017: Results

  1. Hint: Alaina, you can find Kate’s age on list of winners in the webpage link :)

  2. 부러워 혹시나해서 물어보는데 몇살이야? 나랑 동갑내기 인가?? 나는 2018년에 11살이야!!!! 답장 부탁해~^-^

  3. I am a student named alaina!!
    But…….?? Who is Kate?????

    • I am alaina and ooohhhh!!! It was an essay contest!!!
      Congratulations!!!!!!! I did not know before…. Sorry!

  4. It is cute….. I want to make it…….. Who is Kate?…….

  5. Congratulations! I was surprised that the winner is named “Kate.”

    I first thought, ‘me? I didn’t even participate!’ Then I realized that this Kate is not me!
    How funny. All right, anyway, congrats, Kate!

  6. Nice job Kate!