Extreme Sports Are Not About Risk

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Many theoretical interpretations of extreme sports suggest that their motivation is primarily about risk taking. However, actual evidence suggests that risk may not be the focus of people who undertake extreme sports.

First, people who take part in extreme sports don’t show general risk taking habits. Experienced participants show low levels of anxiety, as well as a strong sense of reality and emotional control. Second, studies have shown that they generally have above average intelligence, desire for success and recognition, and independence. They are also more relaxed than average.

The focus of these sports for those involved is not specifically risk taking. They acknowledge that this is a part of the sport, but not their motivation for participation. Also, they say that many aspects of life, such as driving, involve risk. In addition, they undertake detailed preparations to minimize the possibilities for risk.

Although the common perception about extreme sports may be that they promote a culture of risk, in reality, extreme sports may be about more for their participants.

Extreme Sports
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