V1 Personal Essay Sample 2
Overcoming adversities is a theme that is continuous in a protagonist’s life. In the novel, Ender’s Game, Ender constantly dealt with challenges that eventually shaped his personality. This is one thing that Ender and I have in common.



Relates to the character, Ender, from Ender’s Game.



In chapter 1, Ender was constantly monitored by the government. His actions and emotions were watched by the authorities all day, every day. However, after the government took the monitor out of his neck, Ender faced many struggles. Bullies from school constantly surrounded him, which resulted in physical fights. In addition, his violent brother took advantage of his unmonitored state by constantly teasing him and threatening his life. Eventually, Ender gained the courage to be stronger both mentally and physically. His new sense of freedom blossomed like a flower in spring. In the end, he was able to stand up for himself, and protect not only his body, but also his values.

Context: Story

Specific examples from Ender’s Game reveal  Ender’s character.

  • Specific details
  • Feelings
  • Outcome
  • Figurative language


Like Ender, I was constantly protected by my parents. They only exposed me to a specific type of friends and activities in order to keep me safe. As a result, during my first year in prep school, I felt lost without the guidance of my parents. I didn’t know what to do with this new sense of freedom. I was unsure of my identity or how to act amongst my peers. My classmates could smell my fear and took advantage of my vulnerability. They would call me hurtful names and steal my lunch money. In time, I’ve learned how to become stronger. The challenges my peers put me through drove me to become better. Now, I defend my perspectives and myself using books and martial arts as my weapons.

Ender is a special character that holds a place in my heart due to the emotional similarities we share.

Context: Personal Experience

Description of personal experience is comparable to the story.

  • Specific details
  • Feelings
  • Outcome
  • Figurative language


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  3. 1.Choose your character(Stargirl, Leo, hilarri, Richard Branson…)
    2.Think of the character and the similarity of me.
    3.Think of my experience(detail, reason)
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  6. Step 1: Brainstorm topic ideas.
    Step 2. Choose a topic idea you like and can easily write about.
    Step 3. Think of supporting details and examples for your topic choice.
    Step 4. Organize your details in an outline. (Main point, reasons, examples, explanation, personal experience)
    Step 5. OK, NOW you are ready to write ^^

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